Sarah Jorgensen, in: The New York Art World, November 2004

Costume Theater Bettina Sellmann at Derek Eller   These watercolor paintings on canvas conjure a stunning and enigmatic world of costume, courtly manners and fine finishes defined by colorful washes and sensitively rendered drawings. On another level, Sellmann’s work hints at conflicts in the rise of the individual, both historically and metaphorically, in today’s world. […]

Corinna Ripps Schaming, in: Flicker, exhibition brochure, University Art Museum, Albany, NY, 2006

Bettina Sellmann’s paintings evoke the conventions of Old Master portraits, conveying a sense of both mourning and desire articulated through familiar painterly conceits. Using multi-layered, translucent pigments in pale pinks, powder blues, and Day-Glo yellows and greens, Sellmann renders delicate watercolors on canvas in which solidity and form immediately break into fluid distortions. By peeling […]