Private View  Tuesday 25th Sept 5-10 pm 


Exhibition 26th – 30th Sept.


artists: Isabelle Dutoit / Franziska Guettler / Nina K. Jurk / Heike Kelter / Marianna Krueger / Kathrin Landa / Verena Landau / Catherine Lorent / Justine Otto / Maria Sainz Rueda / Ann-Katrin Schaffner / Eva Schwab / Bettina Sellmann / Tanja Selzer / Sophie von Stillfried / Alex Tennigkeit  / Miriam Vlaming and Katrin Plavcak


‚AIM‘ shows this exchange and engagement in the contemporary discussion about painting through the well-chosen eighteen singular positions. The exhibition is about the individual (individual themes, techniques, handling of the material and the differences in understanding painting), but it also shows how differences can encourage and reinforce one another positions.


Parallel Vienna at Lassallestrasse 1

1020 Vienna


Opening times: 26th to 30th Sept

Wed – Sun 12 – 7pm